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Different content repurposing use cases

Here are some of the different ways to repurpose content, along with the benefits of doing so.


It’s one thing to hear about content repurposing but it’s another thing to understand the actual process of repurposing. And that is why our next post is on content repurposing use cases that are going to be of great help to you in understanding the concept of repurposing. We take a look at how repurposed content can help your business and the ways to do so. Some of them are:

  1. By adding another layer of ROI
  2. By helping your talent acquisition purposes
  3. By providing relevant content for different teams


This post is a part of the episodic marketing series, and having already covered the plan and production phases, we are now in the repurposing stage and are focusing on content repurposing use cases that explain how repurposed content can help your business.

By adding another layer of ROI

This is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to repurposing content. People think of the efficiency of creating content and chopping up micro-content from it and they believe that's like the be-all, end-all of repurposing content. But that’s not the end. Oh no, it is far from the end indeed because if you think about it, what repurposed content does is to actually add another layer of ROI, if you want to call it that, every time that you create a new kind of content and we can see this by looking at the different use cases or ways that repurposed content can be applied to get the maximum benefit out of it.

For brand awareness

Not many people know this but repurposed content can actually be used for brand awareness purposes. If your brand has been struggling with brand awareness and getting your company name out there then promoting bits and clips from your pillar content can be a great way to make people aware of your brand. Nowadays, people do not just create one piece of content and call it day. Content repurposing has put a stop to that. Therefore, if you were to create one long-form content and promote it using various micro-content such as image quotes, video, and audio snippets, more people would become aware of your brand. Especially if you have evergreen content and can just schedule the times when you want to promote the content.

Social selling

Some of the clips could be repurposed with social selling in mind, especially if you're trying to bridge a stronger relationship with your sales team. You could get together with your team and try to determine what clips would be particularly interesting for them to use. They could use the clips when they're doing outreach or meeting prospects so as to add more value to their efforts and this will be done by incorporating some of the repurposed content. An example of how repurposed content can help outreach efforts is when you include video snippets of a webinar or a video series that your company does, in the email that you send out. Many people prioritize video content and are attracted to it so including clips with catchy visuals could help boost your outreach efforts.

By helping your talent acquisition purposes

You might not have known this but repurposed content can also help with talent acquisition efforts when recruiting for your company.

When searching for new roles, prospective employees like to look out for the company culture of their future companies and just figure out overall what it’s like to work there. Talent acquisition teams can make use of repurposed content by selecting the kind of clips that show off the company culture, what the people and management are like as well as the daily life of an average employee in the company.

It may aid their efforts in attracting top talents who care about what kind of company they work for and not just what salary they're getting, etc. Many candidates can tell if they would be comfortable working in a company just from viewing a brand’s content on social media.

By providing relevant content for different teams

Basically, all departments in a company can take a look at the same video and repurpose the parts that serve their departments. This is another way by which content repurposing can benefit the entire company.

The sales team could like the parts of a video which may have had a customer story/testimonial, the marketing department may like the part where social media engagements are mentioned, and the product team may like the part where they are screen sharing to demonstrate the way a particular product works.

The production team would mostly care about product adoption, that is, how many of their users and customers are adopting and returning to use certain features? Sometimes even demonstrating different use cases of how other companies are using certain features can help boost retention and adoption of a brand’s product. Or maybe they even have their own show going on and your repurposing can give them ideas on how they can keep it going.

The point is that there are various aspects of a piece of content ( a video in this case) that can be repurposed for various departments in a company.

So definitely think about all the different use cases across goals, different audiences, and also users. For example, content for decision-makers versus content for end-users/customers. Or content for new prospects versus content for existing customers.

There are so many different ways to think about repurposing your content and you should definitely check out our website if you want a more detailed breakdown of the various ways that you can create repurposed clips and use them in multiple formats.

We hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget, we are still following the episodic content marketing series and so our next post is going to introduce the distribution stage where we walk through the best ways to use personal brands in distributing your video episodes.

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