How to transcribe video to text automatically (for $0)

Need to transcribe a video immediately? Learn how to transcribe your videos into text online and for free using chopcast to reach more people, create blogs, find image quotes, and more.

Yes, video is often crowned king, but written content is not going away any time soon. Sometimes it pays to transcribe your video to text for your audience. In this article, we’ll show you how to transcribe your videos online into text the easy way, automatically, and for free - using chopcast.

  1. Upload the video to be transcribed
  2. Select the video section you wish to transcribe
Download the transcribed text

Transcribing your videos has plenty of benefits, including the ability to appeal to a wider audience base.

Based on research from Google, The 7/11/4 rule dictates that people online need to spend 7 hours, across 11 touchpoints, in 4 different mediums before they reach the “aha” moment with your brand, and decide if they will take whatever desired action you want them to take.

That could be signing up for your service or product, booking a call, or (possible) even just subscribing to your content.

When you add text to the mix, you’re making it even easier for your content to be discovered in however way they want to discover it.

Not everyone is in the mood to watch videos all the time. Depending on who you’re targeting, they may watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read articles at different times throughout the day.

Sometimes, they can only afford to do one or the other.

And other times, they simply prefer one medium over another.

You get the idea.

Another benefit of turning your videos into text is, ofcourse, SEO.

You can easily create written content by transcribing your videos and then publishing them as-is in the form of transcripts, or rework the transcript to create an original article centered around a topic and keyword that your audience care about.

Lastly, you can also repurpose the transcribed text from your video to create a variety of text-inspired content such as image quotes, image carousels, captions for social media, copy for your newsletters, and the list goes on!

Using chopcast, you can easily repurpose your videos by transcribing them into text online and without needing to download (or pay) for any software.

Let’s jump in!

You can add your YouTube URLs to get them transcribed automatically, or upload them from your computer in a few minutes.

How to transcribe your video into text automatically.


1. Upload the video to be transcribed

Head over to chopcast and create a free account.

You can sign up directly using Google or create an account in less time than it takes to reheat your cup of coffee.

2. Select the video section you wish to transcribe

Simply upload the video you wish to transcribe or enter the YouTube URL of the video from your channel.

After your video analyzes (which may seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on your video duration), you can click onto the video to begin obtaining the transcript (or repurposing it in different ways), like below.

If you want to transcribe a section of the video you can click on “Start Chopping” and chop the segment of the video you wish to transcribe (pro tip: or automatically create subtitled social clips based on key moments).

If you want to transcribe the entire video, you can head over to the Assets tab right away.

3. Download the transcribed text

Click on TXT to get a transcript of the video. If you’re looking for an SRT file with timestamps instead (or an mp3 version of the video to create even more content pieces) you can simply click on that instead.

You may use SRT files are used as overlays to a video in video editing software and on social media platforms due to the fact that they are formatted with timetstamps, where as with TXT files you get the pure text transcript of what was said.

Ready to get started? Start using chopcast today and see what else you can transcribe!

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