chopcast product announcement [Dec 2022]

chopcast product announcement [Dec 2022]

TL;DR : Some fixes are underway, some new features, and workarounds in the meantime.

Chopcast's vision is to help professionals find and share the moments that matter in the content they create.

We're excited to soon announce a set of massive improvements to help you find, edit, and share key moments. While gearing up to do so a couple of current features might be affected. 

Coming soon:

1. A simpler, smarter subtitle editing experience

You will be able to not only save and edit subtitles, but also create clips based on selecting text, removing text to remove parts of the video, and more features we're prioritizing based on the feedback from our customers.

Item affected: Subtitle editing is currently disabled due to this.

Workaround: You can easily toggle subtitles off in your final clips by going to Export > turning subtitle toggle off next to 'mp4' and downloading clips normally.


Pro tip: Watch our latest chopcast tutorial in case you missed it! 



2. Precision editing

You will have different ways to easily and quickly mark the start and end of clips based on even more precise timestamps.

Item affected: Some small discrepancies in clip selection may be observed.

Workaround: N/A, just that it currently takes a bit longer to select clips more precisely. 

3. A new, lightning-fast and smooth UI

This will allow you to do customization actions even faster, and will allow you to upload videos easier. 

Item affected: Some UI glitches might be observed, and uploading videos larger than 60 minutes from your computer may result in lags based on your internet connection.

Workaround: Consider uploading your longer videos to YouTube (either as public or unlisted links) and sharing those with chopcast for a faster loading experience.

4. Multi-language support

We're excited to announce our language roadmap soon in H1 2023 to support our international customers. Chopcast currently understands English conversation-driven content only. Watch this space!

Item affected: Uploading videos in non-English languages will not generate meaningful auto-generated clips

Workaround: You can still create clips based on speaker, and export clips without subtitles



For all other support questions, please reach out to 


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