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Get Cultured Episode 2: Wistia (One, Ten, One Hundred)

Want to learn how to build your own original series for you business? In this installment of out Get Cultured show, we explore Wistia's new show. Find out why it works, and how you can do the same for your own episodic content.

A write up from our recent debut episode of Get Cultured (video below).

Today we’re profiling Wistia, an amazing video analytics platform and they do a ton of other great things to help businesses grow through video. The created an episodic series called 1, 10, 100 .



From my own observation, a company like Wistia wanted to find a way to create content that would appeal to companies looking to go deeper on video content who may want to do the best job they can, but may also have doubts on the best way to go about creating video, how much budget to spend, and so on. This is exactly why they put this series together, to show what it’s like creating the same video for 1000, 10K, 100K.

I love what these guys did in their series. Let’s take a closer look at 3 specific things that made it work, and how you can apply that to your own content as well.

First of all it was Sequential, and hooks you till the end as part of a true series. Similar to a Netflix documentary that you may pick up on a Friday night, you get hooked and you want to watch it till the end to find out what happens eventually.

This is an excellent way of building engagement all through the end, where you need to watch all the content to get the full episode.

This series was only 4 episodes, which also goes to show that when you create an episodic series you don’t need to go on forever, it’s fine (and actually kind of classy) to have a set beginning and an end for structure.

Second, and I love this , they created characters out of their team (both at Wistia and the great video agency they partnered with) which sort of builds emotional affinity (like your with your friends watching their adventures). This is a great way to build trust and relatability.

Third. I love how they took a very (Behind the scenes, documentary style) approach to their series. It Makes you feel special, like an insider or part of their team. All this helps to build affinity with their ideal buyer persona in a way that is effective, entertaining, and overall pretty memorable. Nice work!

Let us know your thoughts on what you liked about their episode show, or share with us your ideas on how you would make it even more fresh.

On the next episode we will be profiling a legal education company, and how they managed to jump on a popular internet trend to leave their impact on the industry like no one else probably did before.

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