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Video Podcasts: Why businesses love them and how to start your own

Curious how businesses are using video podcasts to build brands, learn about their customers, and stand out? Learn how to create your own from experts

With global economic competition on the rise and the consumption of online video content rising even faster, it’s no wonder many businesses are turning to video podcasts to stand out from the competition. They offer a powerful way to build your brand, develop an audience, and learn more about your customers. Static images alone might not be enough!


Below, we’ll detail just how video podcasts accomplish all of this and what you’ll need to do to start your own. Spoiler alert, it’s easier than you think.

What video podcasts do for businesses

Creating a successful video podcast starts with understanding the value they bring.

Stand out in your industry

Most industries might have at most one company really trying out video podcasting, but rest assured the industry takes notice when it happens. Consider the example of Ernest Packaging.

Instead of thinking “nobody in the packaging industry is creating a video podcast so why should we?” Ernest Packaging saw a chance to be the first and to build an innovative and memorable brand their competition couldn’t dream of. 

Now, anyone who’s trying to keep on top of what’s happening in their industry will need to subscribe and follow how their video podcast is performing.

Educate customers

Industries with long buyer journeys are always looking for more touch points they can use to educate their customers. Video podcasts offer a new way to do that. While a good video podcast should focus on entertainment first, they do offer plenty of chances to educate your customers about your brand, products, etc.

Looking back to Ernest Packaging, their videos show potential customers who may never have thought about custom packaging just what it is and how it’s made. More educated customers means more search traffic and interest for their entire industry.

Build brand loyalty

The bond we build with brands that entertain and delight us is about as strong as they come. Think about brands like Marvel, Netflix, or even your favorite YouTube channel. When brands like this encounter a problem or a scandal, they’re far more resilient

This is because their audience has developed powerful emotions around them based on the entertainment value they provide. If your video podcast can also provide valuable educational information, you’re in an even stronger position.

Learn more about your customers

This is one of the lesser known benefits of creating a video podcast. Beyond simply reading comments, repurposing your content offers an invaluable way to learn. Here’s how it works:

  1. You create an episode
  2. Break that episode into smaller clips, images, memes, or articles and distribute them on social media channels.
  3. See how your audience responds to them.
  4. Incorporate those learnings into creating a second round of smaller microcontent.
  5. Distribute that content.
  6. Incorporate all of your learnings into creating the next episode of your video podcast.

With this system, you’ve got a consistent way to test ideas about what types of messages, content, and themes will resonate with your audience. This allows you to learn about your audience far faster than your competitors.

How to start a video podcast

Now that you’re convinced about the value a video podcast can bring to your company, what does the process of actually starting one look like? Fortunately there are options that cost as little as $100 when it comes to your video podcast equipment. Here’s a breakdown of the basics you need to know.

The setting

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, you can set up a podcast recording space in your office fairly easily. Just try and find somewhere with natural light (or invest in lights) and without too much echo (or grab some sound panels).

The equipment


Here the main consideration is your setup. Do you want to have one or more people on the video podcast speaking into microphones on a desk? If so, then Condenser mics and a mixing board will be your best bet. Otherwise, consider some lapel mics so the people on the podcast can move around more freely or sit and chat in a more natural setting. Audio recording quality should not be overlooked, and for good reason.


Before you start thinking you need to go break the bank on a fancy camera, remember that today’s smartphones have excellent video quality and will probably be just fine for a video podcast. A simple tripod and the best video-ready smartphone you can find will do the job well.

The process

Once you’ve got your setup… set up, you’re ready to start creating content. Here’s how to go about that:

Choosing a format

Begin by considering the big idea behind your show. Will it be centered around interviews? Will it be more of a documentary or behind the scenes look at how you do what you do? The goods news is, you can always experiment with formats so don’t worry about being tied down. If you need some inspiration, here are how other brands have chosen great formats.

Repurposing content

Once you’ve recorded your first episode, you don’t just release it and make the next one. You’ll want to repurpose your content using the steps outlined earlier in this article. This turners one piece of content into dozens, supercharging the value you get out of every episode.

Distribution channels

Once you’ve created an episode and some microcontent, you need to distribute it. The simple rule of thumb here is: the more the better. Every channel you use to distribute your content is another opportunity to learn about your audience. Perhaps they’re on a channel you didn’t expect. Or, perhaps your audience responds to different messages on different platforms (like LinkedIn and Facebook for example).

The point is that you need to experiment. Creating a video podcast can’t be a one-way street. You need to always be looking for feedback and incorporating it into what you’re creating. That’s both how you create better video podcasts and how you gain more insights for your business.

Get help from the experts

Still wondering how to approach your first video podcast? We’re always happy to brainstorm. Feel free to book some time with us to see what episodic content can do for you.

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