Why we're rebranding from tribetactics to chopcast

Why we're rebranding from tribetactics to chopcast

A quick story.

DUBLIN, August 31, 2021 —In 2019, I quit my job at HubSpot and started tribetactics with Aamen.

The name "tribetactics" was inspired by the book Tribes by Seth Godin, and was originally the name of a side-hustle social media consultancy we ran in the past back when we had day jobs after 6pm (we had a grand total of one customer!).



We decided to use the tribetactics name when setting up our company, admittedly, because we:

1. didn't have any better names in mind.
2. hadn't a clue if we will be bankrupt in a few months.
3. figured let's just get started and see how we get on.
4. and, crucially, didn't know exactly what we will do.

Luckily, we found our niche early on - content repurposing as a service, offered as a subscription for startups and organizations alike. We always had the idea for a product, but didn't know two lines of code, and figured a concierge-style service might help us validate the problem we were trying to solve properly, we thought of our service as something we'd run only for a small period of time. 

We were wrong.

People actually valued the done-for-you aspect. It taught us an important lesson of the value of services in a largely software-driven world.

Nevertheless, we knew that we can help a lot more people repurpose their content on the fly if we can build that AI platform and iterate on it as we go.

chopcast as born.

We liked the name so much that it got awkward. We liked it more than the mother brand name of tribetactics because:

1. we know who we can most help (content teams + creators)

2. we knew how we're helping them (content repurposing) 

3. the name is more telling of what we do

4. it's a new chapter in how we intend to serve creators

Our new company, chopcast, will help content professionals in two ways:

chopcast - the AI product that allows you to repurpose your videos into binge-worthy clips.

chopcast services - done-for-you repurposing service for more bespoke and custom work.


Better together.

chopcast and chopcast services work great independently and are even more powerful when they work together.

I believe chopcast is great for solving daily content repurposing challenges like:

  • auto-clip creation (no more wasting hours finding the best bits)
  • clip resizing and aspect ratios (no more missed opps to drive conversations)
  • 95%+ subtitling accuracy (no more sleepless nights)
  • chopcast templates (no more Zoom recordings)
  • export everywhere  
  • and much more

chopcast services will continue to:

  • do all the above, if you don't have time or need expert help
  • leverage a world-class professional content team
  • repurpose video, audio, image, and written content
  • consulting on repurposing strategy and original video series creation


Your content matters.

For us content creators, there is nothing more satisfying than creating powerful content that gets noticed, appreciated, and acted on. Repurposing helps make sure your content resonates and is remembered. Our mission at chopcast is to enable 1,000 brands to do that.

For those about to chop, we salute you.

Welcome back anew :) 

Kareem Mostafa - CEO at chopcast.

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