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How to repurpose webinars: The essential 2022 guide

Wondering how to repurpose webinars? This guide will show you how to transform your live or recorded webinars into powerful marketing tools that will help you reach your target audience.

Ahh, webinars. We all have 'em, don't we? Webinars are becoming the new normal when it comes to content. This is primarily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it seems despite this, they are here to stay.

These long pieces of content are great as while growing your audience, they also give something back to them - education.

In saying that, a lot of time and preparation goes into planning them, and it seems a shame to only use this content once. In this article, we will explore how to repurpose webinars so you can use the content in many forms across your social media.

How to repurpose webinars:

  1. Why should you repurpose content from your webinars?
  2.  How to repurpose webinars - the content repurposing model
  3.  Different ways you can repurpose your webinar content
  4.  Videos
  5.  Articles
  6.  Image quote cards
  7.  Audio podcasts

Why should you repurpose content from your webinars?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of how to repurpose webinars, let’s talk about why you should repurpose that content. For one thing, webinars are long pieces of content that take a lot of time to plan, prepare and deliver. Therefore, it seems only fitting to give that content multiple lives and get the most value possible.

Pro Tip: This article is part of a longer series on how to repurpose content

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When it comes to content marketing, we always try to get that one universal message across.

However, not everyone is a fan of extended forms of content like webinars. Some people prefer a nicely designed graphic that details the main takeaways.

Alternatively, others lean towards an audio podcast where they do not have to designate time to listen.

With an audio podcast, they can listen and learn while doing work, walking their dog, grocery shopping, the list goes on. 


Therefore, by repurposing your webinar content in multiple forms, you get that messaging in front of your audience.

Not to mention, in the exact way they would like it delivered to them.

With these varying content forms, you can also reach new audiences. For example, by posting short clips on TikTok and Instagram.

Alternatively, by publishing the full video to YouTube, or transforming the webinar into an audio podcast. What’s more, creating content often requires time, money, and resources. 

Repurposing content can significantly help here as you are simply transforming it into different types instead of creating entirely new content.

You don’t have to create new content each day; instead, you get to reuse your current. It may be a webinar from when you started the business with information that is still relevant.

Simply transcribe that and transform it into a blog or pull out some quotes to make some neat graphics. Now let’s look at how to repurpose webinars below. 

How to repurpose webinars – the content repurposing model

Content Repurposing Model (original)

Using the content repurposing model is one of the best methods to help you visualize and strategise how to repurpose webinars.

This model is essentially a guide as to how you can repurpose content. It has four stages – the why, the how, the what, and the where. The why refers to what you are hoping to achieve from repurposing your content.

For example, business development or brand awareness.

Next up is The How section, which gives examples of different content styles you can do.

Some of these include Q&As, practical tips, stories, social proof, statistics and facts, and content that shows there is a human behind the brand.

These are the six lenses that you can apply in various media formats. The What section refers to the type of content you can create.

Some examples include videos such as key highlights and teaser clips, audio, audiograms, and podcasts. On the other side are images like quote cards and carousels.

Then there is written content, including summary articles and in-depth blogs.

The Where then refers to where the content will be published. For instance, it could be used to help build personal brands within the company.

The content could be promoted on the personal brands’ social media accounts. There are also brand channels, the channels the brand is running and community, the communities the brand is in touch with. 


Different ways you can repurpose your webinar content

 Using the six lenses above, there are many ways as to how to repurpose webinars. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Videos

Videos are an excellent form of content to share across your social media accounts. According to HubSpot, 54% of customers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support.

Some of the types of videos you can create include video podcasts. They prove excellent for thought leadership since they are often packed with information. 

In addition, they are an excellent multi-tasking media in that your listeners do not have to devote their entire attention to the podcast. Workshops can also be created from webinars, and you can use these to educate people.

Another is the FAQ video series using the questions and answers you answer in your webinar. There is so much more you can create; the world is your oyster when it comes to video. 

2. Articles

Another way of how to repurpose webinars is by transforming the webinar content into a written article.

While there is currently no direct method of turning your webinar into an article, you can export the transcript of your video. Then, use this as the skeleton for your article. You can create Q&A style articles, SEO optimised articles, or a summary blog of the topic. 

3. Image quote cards

Another popular form of social media content is graphic posts or image quote cards. They are visually attractive posts that deliver concise information.

This makes it easier for people to consume your content, especially if they don’t have time to read your blogs or do not enjoy watching videos. 

4. Audio podcasts

The final method of how to repurpose webinars is turning that long-form webinar content into an audio podcast.

Over the past number of years, audio podcasts have become incredibly popular, and it’s easy to understand why.

It is a form of content that is very easy to consume and does not require extensive attention from the listener.

Audio podcasts are also a lot less competitive than blogs since fewer podcasts are available. This means you can boost your discoverability. They are also multi-tasking media making them very appealing. 

Key takeaways - how to repurpose webinars 

When it comes to how to repurpose webinars, there are so many ways you can repurpose this long-form content.

Once you begin brainstorming, you will realise that there are more ways than we could possibly mention in one piece. It seems you can do almost anything from images to audio podcasts, informative articles, and video Q&As.

If you want to repurpose some of your current long-form content and are unsure how or where to get started, grab a chat with us.

In addition to the chopcast  product, which you can use to automatically repurpose content - you can also get it done-for-you using chopcast services where our team helps you get the most out of your content.

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