Keep them engaged during lockdown with a binge-worthy original series.

Build brand and sales pipeline with an episodic video series for your company. Think talk shows, reaction series, documentaries, and much more. 

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Designed for teams that want to create episodic content series

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Plan and Produce

Every month, we'll help you plan and produce episodes for brand's own original series. We guide you through our proven methodology to determine show strategy, guest and topic selection, and filming setup (remote and in-person options available).

What is episodic marketing?

Repurpose and Distribute

After each episode is released and delivered, we help you repurpose it into various content formats to serve brand, sales, and retention purposes. It's our way of making each episode work as hard as possible for your brand.

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repurpose content in a few clicks
calculate return on episode

Calculate return on episode

The show is not over when your episodes are out. Let's help you determine how much ROI you got from each episode and subsequent content pieces. KPIs our customers care about include:

  • Influenced revenue
  • Reach on social
  • Engagement on social
  • Time saved
  • Content productivity

Meet your co-producer: Us.

Meet with your dedicated co-producer every fortnight. They help make sure everything is on track, balancing strategy with project managing your episodes in the backend. They will help you answer questions like:

  • What should my show be about?
  • How do I set SMART goals for my show?
  • Where do I find more people to see my episodes?
  • What's the best mix of content I can repurpose?
  • How do I calculate influenced revenue?

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