Unlimited video and podcast editing from $1997/m.

Eliminate content busywork. With chopcast services, you get an on-demand creative team. Send them videos and podcasts, they'll watch, edit, and send back unlimited YouTube shorts, articles, image quotes, and more. Rinse and repeat.


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Bye pay per hour. Hello pay for results.

Have a trove of recordings just sitting there? Running out of bandwidth? Budget cuts adding pressure? Freelancers and agencies overcharging? 

With chopcast services, you get a dedicated in-house creative team for all your short-form content needs, so you can finally focus on the 100 other things that need your attention.




“Awesome job! [The podcast shorts] are perfect. You guys are the best!! And you can take my statements here as testimony of how happy we are with your work at chopcast”

“Thanks to chopcast services, we've really gotten into a good rhythm of production and have lots of great content to use for our social channels!"


“It’s been hugely positive for the organization to continuously have pipeline coming into the system.”

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1. Get unlimited content and revisions.

That's right. Our plans come with unlimited video shorts, podcast, image quotes, and blog content orders. Need something revised? We're on it like a hawk.


2. Handpicked key moments.

We've shipped 5+ years worth of content and studied what works so you don't have to. Make all the creative decisions or none at all with our manual and autopilot modes.

3. Done in 24-48 hours.

Get freshly repurposed content every 1-2 working days depending on the content type and quantity.


4. Captioned and scheduled for social.

We'll create unique social media status updates and schedule your content on up to 6 platforms, including YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Show up once, get content for weeks.

Create weeks of quality content with just 30 minutes of your time. We'll handle the research, interview you as the expert, and repurpose your insights into a variety of content.

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turn reactions into revenue

6. Turn reactions into revenue.

Keep the conversation going with those who already love your content. As they react to your LinkedIn content, you'll get their professional emails in your CRM to continue delighting them with more value.


Why chopcast services?

Unlimited content

Our plans come with unlimited video, audio, image, and written content orders. Say goodbye to "pay per hour" work.

100% on-brand templates

We create video and image templates that are perfectly in accordance with your brand guidelines.

Autopilot/Manual modes

Want to make all the creative decisions or none at all? All plans come with manual and autopilot modes.

1-2 days turnaround times

Get freshly repurposed content every 1-2 working days depending on the content type and quantity.


Your content is peer-reviewed by multiple team members before it's sent to you to ensure it's on-brand.

Unlimited revisions

Rework your content as many times as you like. Your feedback is noted to speed up future orders.

Work in Slack (new!)

Your team can now place, review, and approve orders all without ever leaving Slack. Hellooo efficiency!

Risk Free Guarantee

Unhappy with your content? Let us know. If we can't fix it, we'll refund if it's in your first 30-days.

Cancel any-time.

Our plans are month-to-month, like Netflix. Stop your plan at any time with a 30-day notice.


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Your new short-form content engine.

Scale your effort overnight

Drive up to 72% more reach and engagement by repurposing your webinars, streams, and podcasts into snackable assets regularly.

Reduce CAC

Acquire new leads 2-4x more cost-effectively by turning your webinars and YouTube videos into short-form content at scale.

Boost influenced revenue

Drive 25%+ more pipeline from your existing content through smart content workflows that run themselves.

Get back 10+ hrs per week

Save time on manual content creation, editing, hiring agencies and training VAs, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities.

Maximize ROAS

Rapidly create short-form video and image creatives at scale so you can run A/B multivariate tests and continually optimize spend.

Grow brand awareness

Be everywhere your customers are. Think 1 webinar into 10s of YT shorts, LinkedIn/Twitter videos, TikToks, IG — Every week.


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Is chopcast services a content repurposing agency?

Not really. Unlike traditional agency models, we do not believe you should be charged per hour. Using chopcast services, you pay for results, not time. With our monthly unlimited plans, you can create and test as many content types as you like, guilt-free. Business owners, marketers, and agencies use chopcast services.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely. You can scale your plan up or down as needed and it will take effect before your next billing date.

How does the whole repurposing process work?

Every month, send us your videos and we'll repurpose them into tons of social content pieces. You can decide how to repurpose them, or you can let us pick for you. When we first get started, we create templates in accordance with your brand guidelines that we "plug" all future content into. (See demo)


How does the Risk-Free Guarantee work?

If you are not happy with the content we create for you, let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it right. If things are still not working out, you will be able to request a refund during the first 30 days and we will process it.

Can I see some short-form content examples?

Absolutely. Check out some custom examples as well as our standard templates. Looking for something specific? Let us know and we'll see if we've done it before.