Turn recordings
into revenue. 

Done-for-you short clips from your B2B podcasts, webinars, and events for one flat fee.

Trusted by 100s of GTM and marketing teams atomizing content one short video at a time.




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Short attention, short videos.

2/3 of webinar registrants don't attend or watch the recordings. 73% prefer short-form.



Send your webinars, events, and other long-form recordings.



engaging short-form videos in 24 hrs (unlimited revisions).


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us write captions, distribute on LinkedIn, YouTube, + more.

It’s been hugely positive for the organization to continuously have pipeline coming into the system.




No more bandwidth issues.

Unblock your marketing team in 4 steps.

1.  record. 
Send your existing webinars, events, and recordings, or use our bi-weekly recording slots.

2.  repurpose. 
Get the key moments in your recordings turned into scroll-stopping, short-form video.

3.  release. 
Caption, schedule, and distribute your content across web, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more (watch how).

4.  revenue. 
Improve conversions, revenue attribution, and lead insights with a Netflix-style library.

create b2b video series podcast

Working with chopcast allowed us to get a lot more content out to our social audience in  a lot less time .




100% flexible.

All plans include these features.

Unlimited content

Ask for as much content as you like, org-wide. No hourly rates.

Always on-brand

The content you get strictly adheres to your brand guidelines.

Autopilot mode

Make all the creative decisions, or delegate that to us.

1-2 day turnaround time

Never miss another content deadline, ever.


Each deliverable is carefully peer-reviewed before you see it.

Unlimited revisions

Rework your content as many times as you like.


Get inspired by other B2Bs.

Check out our examples library.



We do so many webinars. Before, we were slicing them ourselves, and that wasn't efficient. Working with chopcast we get  better output, faster,  and time back.



Multiply your reach overnight.

Turn any long-form into any short-form content.

Webinars, Conferences, Virtual/Hybrid events,   YouTube videos, Podcasts, Customer Interviews, Product Demos, Internal comms videos, Training videos, Courses, + more

LinkedIn video, YouTube shorts, Testimonial clips, Product demo clips, Podcast clips, Instagram reels, Vertical video (9:16), Square video (1:1), Horizontal video (16:9), Social video (4:5), Animated quote cards, + more

Awesome job! [short-form videos] are perfect. You guys are the best!! And you can take my statements here as testimony of how happy we are with your work at chopcast.

Thanks to chopcast, we've really gotten into a good rhythm of production and have lots of great content to use for our social channels.


Plans and benefits

Unlimited requests. Flat-fee pricing (detailed breakdown).

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Numbers don't lie.

80% more cost efficient

Forget agencies, freelancers, and hiring hurdles.

50% CAC reduction

Acquire new leads 2-4x more cost-effectively.

10+ hrs back per week

Unblock and give your team time back every single week.

250% more engagement

When compared to promoting long-form videos on their own.

4-5x reach

Your newly created assets live on social and your website.

73% prefer short-form video

Tap into the #1 content that has your prospect's attention.

Case Study


16% MoM social growth. 40+ hours saved. 38% ROI in month 1. 

Case Study


1000+ new leads. 25% pipeline increase. 10x content output.

Video testimonials

See why B2B teams love chopcast.


Upskill your team

Course 1: Record

Learn how to launch a successful B2B video series now.

✓ 26 modules to help you become a thought leader in your niche.
✓ Exclusive Show Strategy sheet included
✓ Never run out of content ideas

chopcast course 1 record - square



Course 2: Repurpose

Learn how to turn your B2B recordings into a content goldmine.

✓ 35 modules to help you repurpose any webinar, podcast, or event.
✓ Make existing content work harder for you.
✓ Grab attention in 3 seconds or less.

chopcast record course -

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