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Repurpose content for a flat-fee, risk-free.

Send us your content, we'll send back video clips, articles, podcasts, and more. Join others scaling their content results at a fraction of the cost, from $764/m. 30-day risk free trial.


Join other small and large teams whom we've helped repurpose content, including:


Bye pay per hour. Hello pay for results.

Are you and your team already at capacity to even think about repurposing content? Is the hunt to assemble an army of freelancers going nowhere? Agencies charging too much and you know it? Budgets at an all-time low?

With chopcast services, you get a dedicated in-house creative team focused on repurposing your best content, so that you can attend to the 100 other things you have to do as a team.




Included in every plan.

Flexible credits

Get credits every month that you can use towards content repurposing. Unused credits roll over.

100% on-brand templates

We create video and image templates that are perfectly in accordance with your brand guidelines.

Autopilot/Manual modes

Want to make all the creative decisions or none at all, all plans come with manual and autopilot modes.

2-5 days turnaround time

Get freshly repurposed content every 2-5 working days depending on the content type and quantity.


Your content is peer-reviewed by multiple team members before it's sent to you to ensure it's on-brand.

Revision rounds

We support up to 2 revision rounds free of charge on every order we deliver, with more as needed.

Scale-up and down

Have quieter or busier months? You can scale your account up and down on a month's notice.

Risk Free Guarantee

Unhappy with your content? Let us know. If we can't fix, it we'll refund during your 30-day trial period.

Cancel any-time.

Our standard plans are all month-to-month, like Netflix. Stop your plan at any time with a 30-day notice.


“It’s been hugely positive for the organization to continuously have pipeline coming into the system.”

1. Drop

Every month, drop your webinars, video series, talks, and other videos in your tribetactics dashboard.

2. Chop

How do you want it repurposed? Bite-sized videos? Image carousels? Podcasts? Articles? Or let us pick for you.

3. Distribute

Receive buckets of high-quality content ready for distribution and easy scheduling for social.

Ship content every week.

Send us your videos and on-demand sessions. Tell us which segments to repurpose, or let us pick for you - the choice is yours. We'll creatively turn them into new content. Think captioned social video snippets, podcasts, image carousels, blogs, and more - every 2-5 working days.

content repurposing examples
frame screenshot - content repurporsing service

100% flexibility.

We're ex- HubSpot and LinkedIn, so we know that great content pays. Leave comments and ask for edits. We'll keep revising your content until you're happy with it. No additional costs. No drama.

Manage everything in one place.

Forget playing email tennis back and forth. You don't need to chase down email threads just to get your content. Whether it's content you upload, or content you receive - manage it all in one clean dashboard. (Agency? ask us about our multi-client dashboards).

chopcast services dashboard
meet the team

Get the insights you need.

We won't just make sure your content is repurposed and delivered on time, we'll proactively reach out to you with ideas and recommendations to make your content stand out more, backed by industry insights.


“We did not have a way internally to create, edit, and repurpose video content without engaging with a service provider, which is why we reached out to tribetactics."


"They managed to find a solution in using tribetactics by collaborating with our internal content experts who have worked on several content series around the world and were able to provide advice and execute autonomously without traditional supervision."


• 1,000+ new leads created through their episodic content series

• Registration audience for each event breaks down to approximately 25% new leads and 75% existing customers

• 10x their content output by repurposing each episode into further image and video content snippets


"Creating content in-house is not always scalable, and we realized that whenever we said yes to manual content creation, it meant we’re saying no to other equal priority items that are crucial to our growth."


Working with [chopcast services] allowed us to get a lot more content out to our social audience in a lot less time, so that we could continue to delight our existing audience as well as attract new learners.


• 40+ hours saved on manual content creation
• 16% + MoM growth contribution on IG community
• 38% of total tribetactics campaign new users generated in the first month

Content repurposing tips

Watch our show, Original Series Academy

Every once in a while, we all have an Alice in Wonderland moment when trying to repurpose content. Tune in to get actionable tactics on making your B2B content more binge-worthy today.

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Let's chat

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Is chopcast services a content repurposing agency?

Agencies often charge per hour, but we don't. Working with chopcast services, you only pay for content you like and use on a monthly, cancel-any-time subscription basis. Unlike traditional agency models, we do not believe you should be charged per hour, and that you should only get what you pay for and like.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely. You can scale your plan up or down as needed, as long as you let us know before the next billing date.

How does the whole repurposing process work?

Every month, send us your videos and we'll repurpose them into tons of social content pieces. You can decide how to repurpose them, or you can let us pick for you. When we first get started, we create templates in accordance with your brand guidelines that we "plug" all future content into.

How does the Risk-Free Guarantee work?

If you are not happy with the content we create for you, let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it right. If things are still not working out, you will be able to request a refund during your trial period (the first 30 days) and we will process it.

Can I see some repurpose content examples?

Absolutely. Check out our examples and our template builder. Looking for something specific? Let us know and we'll see if we've done it before.

Do unused credits roll over?

Yes they do! On all of our subscription plans, any unused credits are saved for you and rolled over to the month following. If you have 10 credits and only use 8 of them that month, the next month you will have 10 (new credits) + 2 (rolled from last month) = 12 new credits, and so on.



DIY or Done-for-you?

Explore our repurposing solutions.



Quickly find and turn key moments in your long videos into engaging short clips for your socials.


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Hire our expert team to repurpose your assets into videos, images, podcasts, and articles — or hire us to help you craft a binge-worthy video series.

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