Dstillery increases LinkedIn engagement by 250% using chopcast services


Key results:

  • Content pieces created: 164

  • Total hours saved: 984 hours

  • Cost reduction per content piece: 50%

  • Increase in LinkedIn Engagement: 250%



Dstillery specializes in custom audience solutions, helping brands and agencies target their ideal prospects for high-performance programmatic advertising. Leveraging award-winning data science, Dstillery holds 21 patents for its advanced AI technology, enabling precise and scalable audience targeting.


We sat down with Tara Picaro, Senior Director Marketing Director @ Dstillery to get her thoughts on the journey with chopcast over the last 26 months.


What made you seek a solution like chopcast, and how has chopcast helped you streamline your video content creation process compared to before?


TP: "At Dstillery, we’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance our marketing strategy. As our reliance on video content grew, we recognized the need for a more efficient and scalable solution to manage and create high-quality videos. Chopcast offers us a solution that significantly streamlines our video content creation process. With its intuitive platform, we can easily edit, repurpose, and optimize video content without needing extensive technical skills or dedicating excessive time – allowing our marketing team to focus on strategy rather than getting bogged down in the technicalities of video production."


How does the quality and engagement of content created with chopcast compare to your in-house efforts before using our service?


TP: "The quality and engagement of the content created with Chopcast have been exceptional. Before using Chopcast, our in-house efforts were often limited by available resources and time constraints, leading to inconsistent video quality and long delays between projects. Chopcast's tools have enabled us to produce professional-grade videos consistently, enhancing our content's overall visual appeal and storytelling. Our audience has responded positively to the more dynamic, shorter, and polished content, resulting in increased views and video engagement."


What specific benefits and value has chopcast provided to your business, and how likely are you to recommend our service to others?


"Specific benefits to our business include:

  • Efficiency: The platform has significantly reduced the time required to produce and edit videos, allowing us to create more content in less time.

  • Quality: Consistently high-quality video production has improved our brand image and audience engagement.

  • Flexibility: Chopcast's tools have enabled us to experiment with different video styles and formats, helping us identify what resonates best with our audience.


Overall, chopcast has added immense value to our marketing efforts, enhancing our ability to communicate effectively with our audience and driving better results from our video content. We are highly likely to recommend Chopcast to others looking to optimize their video content creation process, given the significant improvements we've experienced in both efficiency and engagement.


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