All plans come with unlimited clips.

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Features/Plan 🌱 Startup 🚀 Business 💎 Agency
Requests at a timeIndividual assets we'll send back at a time
2 4 4
Turnaround time*Average turnaround time in working days
2 days 1-2 days 0-1 day
Long-form editingIncludes intro/end cards, motion graphics, and moer.
Short-form editingIncludes all aspect ratios, durations, and channels
Slack integrationCommunicate inside Slack
Bi-weekly record slotsGet your SME's interviewed. Interchangeable for podcast strategy sessions
Custom designs/templatesUse your own templates, or ask us to design something outside our standard templates
Social post writingPer asset per channel
✖️ Up to 2 Up to 6
Social schedulingPer asset per channel
✖️ Up to 2 Up to 6
Netflix-library setupClips library setup and regular updating, as well as nurture path recommendations
✖️ ✖️
Bi-weekly lead reportsIncludes industry, title, size, email, and more
✖️ ✖️




How can I sign up to chopcast services?

As we are a small team, we work in monthly cohorts and accept new brands based on availability. Once you join, we commit to serving you as long as you need. If a cohort is full, please book a meeting to check availability for upcoming cohorts and secure your spot.

The deadline to join each cohort is the 20th of the previous month. For example, the Feb cohort closes on Jan 20th, and so on.

Are all plans really unlimited? How does that work?

You bet. You can request as much content as you like. Based on your plan, we'll send you 2-4 deliverables at a time. Once you approve those, we'll move on to the next set, and so on.

What is a 'content task' exactly?

This refers to the deliverables we send back to you, at a time.

For example, if you send us one podcast recording, and want to turn it into 4 YouTube shorts, we count that as four requests. Once those are delivered (in 1-2 working days), we move on to the next 4, and so on. 

Examples of 1 content request:

  • 3 YT shorts (for basic designs)
  • 1 YT short (for difficult designs)
  • 3 image quotes
  • 3 audiograms
  • 1 edited long-form audio podcast
  • 1 edited long-form video podcast

Here's a 50 second explainer video.

How do you work inside slack?

Consider us part of your team! Whether you want to place a new order or enquire about an existing one, you can use slack to send quick messages to our team.

You also get your very own chopcast services dashboard to keep track of all your past and future orders in one place.

Can I batch-send you my content?

Absolutely. You can send us a "backlog" of content to work on so to speak, and we'll tackle it in accordance with the turnaround time indicated on the plan you selected.

How does the whole process work?

Every month, send us your long-form content and we'll repurpose them into tons of social content pieces.

You can decide how to repurpose them, or put it on autopilot mode, where we pick on your behalf. You will always be able to review the final result.

When we first get started, we create templates in accordance with your brand guidelines that we "plug" all future content into.


What type of content works best?

Long-form videos and articles, unless you're planning on recording content with us, in which case, we will work together to ensure the recordings we work on together are fit for repurposing over and over again.

Some examples:
Virtual/Hybrid events
YouTube videos
Event recordings
Customer interviews
Product demos
Internal comms videos
Training videos
+ more

Can I see some content examples?

Absolutely. Check out some of our examples. Looking for something else? Let us know and we'll see if we've done it before.


Do I own the content?

You will own the rights to your content, and you can use it all across web and social. Using your dashboard, you can use different formats for different social channels.


What's the turnaround time?

We strive to complete most orders within 1-2 working days. For more straight-forward orders, we'll often strive for same-day turn arounds.


Can I make revisions to the content you send me?

Absolutely. Any content we create for you is sent to you for review. You can review your content an unlimited amount of times.


Pro tip: Share your revision notes in one go rather than one by one. This allows. you to get your content even faster!

I have zero content. Will this work for me?

If you make use of our bi-weekly recording slots, then you don't need to have any prior content. We will start from scratch and record content with you together. However, it's always preferable that you come with your own evergreen content that we can rely on to keep your content engine flowing smoothly.

Can I create different types of orders at once?

Yup! You can place orders for any mix of video, audio, image, and written content.

Can I pause my subscription?

While you can downgrade or cancel your account at your next billing period, we do not support pausing accounts.

Do you work with technical content as well?

In short, yes. We work frequently with technical content without being experts in any particular industry. Our team's domain expertise is in designing content that drives engagement. Our customers share with us the areas of focus in each content asset they share with us, and we get to work to make it as engaging as possible.


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