HubSpot accelerates user acquisition with chopcast services


• 40+ hours saved on manual content creation
• 16% + MoM growth contribution on Instagram community
• 38% of total chopcast services campaign new users generated in the first month



In Q1 2019, leading growth platform provider HubSpot recognised that users’ attention spans are getting shorter, and more creative ways of capturing attention and growing acquisition were needed.

With a treasure box of long-form content (courses) in HubSpot Academy, they recognized that it was often difficult for new visitors to discover this content, thus presenting a missed opportunity to attract more users to the platform and overall HubSpot ecosystem.

Jennifer Stefancik (Marketing Manager, Acquisition) and her team recognised that leveraging the power of episodic content and repurposing would be the key to successfully driving more acquisition. Since signing up with chopcast services, HubSpot Academy has seen nothing but positive results, directly impacting revenue.

40+ hours saved on manual content creation

16% + MoM growth contribution on Instagram community

 38% of total chopcast services campaign new users generated in the first month.

The challenge: Getting more in-house content in less time

One of the key drivers of authority and thought leadership for HubSpot is the HubSpot Academy, a free, online training resource centre where business owners, marketing and sales professionals alike can get world-class knowledge in the form of courses and learning courses. Upon completion, users can unlock certification badges which improve their credibility inside their companies and on LinkedIn in front of other professionals and companies in their industry. They started off with their Marketing Hub product. From there, they have expanded onto Sales Hub and Service Hub. HubSpot today represents a one-stop-shop for companies to grow better through marketing, sales, and customer service products. 


“Creating content in-house is not always scalable, and we realized that whenever we said yes to manual content creation, it meant we’re saying no to other equal priority items that are crucial to our growth.”


Jennifer and her team were searching for new ways to get more content in less time, while still ensuring that all the ideas and strategy are kept 100% in house. That is when they discovered chopcast services.

After speaking with chopcast services, they decided to give it a shot.


“We liked the [chopcast services] methodology of creating pillar episodic content and then using those as ways to repurpose the content further across multiple social formats”


Using chopcast services

HubSpot Academy and chopcast services partnered up, and set out with the goal of creating a content series based on HubSpot’s best Academy courses globally. The idea was to create original content that borrows from long-form assets already created in-house to repurpose and attune it further across all social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


“During our kick-off call with chopcast services, we discussed best practices for an episodic content strategy. From there, they gave us a detailed breakdown of all the content assets that were to be delivered, as well as a method to track the ROI from each one across topic, medium, and format, which was compatible with our own processes, too.”


Accelerated results and learnings

HubSpot Academy changed the way it thinks about the possibilities for creating more content in less time since partnering up with chopcast services.


With all the hours and days freed up from manual content creation, they were able to re-invest their time on other core activities that no one else can do except them like tracking results and planning future campaigns. Their Instagram community grew by 16% MoM, with over 38% of the total chopcast services campaign new users generated in the first month, and over 40 hours of manual content creation time saved.


At the same time, they achieved peace of mind that for every pillar episodic piece of content that they create they can compound its reach and results without expending their own resources, while still keeping it in-house.


“Working with [chopcast services] allowed us to get a lot more content out to our social audience in a lot less time, so that we could continue to delight our existing audience as well as attract new learners.” 


Moving forward, HubSpot Academy continues to experiment with different episodic content formats to grow its business and increase its user base.


“At the end of the day, [chopcast services] helped us create more opportunities to connect with our social audience and attract new learning center users.”

September, 2019.

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