LearnUpon leverages digital event series to drive growth using chopcast services


Key Results

• 1,000+ new leads created through their episodic content series

• Registration audience for each event breaks down to approximately 25% new leads and 75% existing customers

• 10x their content output by repurposing each episode into further image and video content snippets 




Early last year, leading learning management system (LMS), LearnUpon, recognized that COVID-19 was going to change the way people interact with events for the foreseeable future, and perhaps forever. They knew that they needed to do something different to pivot and adjust to the new reality of the industry, and also to make sure that they can continue to grow their stature as a thought leader in the space.

Katelyn Spurr (Events Marketing Manager @ LearnUpon) and her team recognized the importance of creating a dedicated virtual event series, and finding ways to amplify that content further in order to directly impact bottom-line revenue, in the place of what would have normally been a face-to-face event. 

The result was their episodic series, Learning Impact. They were able to attract top executives and thought leaders from revered brands around the world, including NASA, McDonalds, Salesforce and Delta Air Lines.



Since signing up with chopcast, LearnUpon successfully generated over 1000 leads, and efficiently 10x'd their content creation output without needing to 10x their costs.

The challenge: Launching an event series that drives leads, at a fraction of traditional costs

Learning Impact is LearnUpon’s virtual thought leadership video series with a focus on bringing insights and knowledge from the best and brightest minds across the learning industry.

"We host three types of sessions," says Katelyn. "Leadership, Practical, and Inspire, where each session has a focus on various topics in the learning, training, and customer success fields to help our audience learn new ways to make an impact in their roles."

Initially, one of the biggest challenges facing the team was resources.


“We did not have a way internally to create, edit, and repurpose video content without engaging with a service provider, which is why we reached out to chopcast services."


Beyond resources, Katelyn’s team also recognized the learning curve involved in creating a winning thought leadership series designed to create results. 


“We needed to offload some of the time-consuming work involved in creating the video content for this series, and also needed experts who would be able to deliver on the quality editing we wanted.”


Using chopcast services

One of the things that’s key for Katelyn and her team is making sure that working with an external provider will not involve a learning curve or take additional valuable time away from the team. 

Some of the biggest challenges of hiring new headcount or freelancers to do a time-sensitive job that’s never been done internally before is that those people will naturally be looking internally for guidance on how to complete the job successfully.

In LearnUpon’s case, they were keen to find a provider that would add value for them and be a true partner throughout the process as opposed to a resource that they would need to lose additional time coaching and training, especially when there was no prior established benchmark to what success looks like. 

They managed to find a solution in using chopcast services by collaborating with our internal content experts who have worked on several content series around the world and were able to provide advice and execute autonomously without traditional supervision.

“I find the portal incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. The quickness of the transaction, as well as the quick turnaround times on any [content] items really helped us to launch our series in a short timeline successfully.”


LearnUpon places great attention to detail on every piece of content that they create.

It was important for them that they felt that the content created and repurposed was an exact reflection of their brand guidelines, tone, and overall direction. Because content creation is naturally a creative process, LearnUpon needed to have the flexibility of iterating on content created on the fly with ease, without taxing any of their internal resources who were already working at capacity. 

“The team is incredibly communicative, and very open to feedback. We’ve found that our preferred style of editing has been learned by the chopcast team, so our rounds of edits each time is less and less. They’re very helpful and adaptable to our requests.”

Results: Turning content into opportunities with chopcast services

LearnUpon was able to successfully secure high-profile guests for their show, develop the episodes, and repurpose each episode into an average of 10 pieces of content across video and image assets to be used across web and social.

“It’s been hugely positive for the organization to continuously have pipeline coming into the system.”

LearnUpon is continuing to bring new episodes out each month as part of the Learning Impact digital series, given their impressive results to date. You can follow the series and subscribe for updates here.


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