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Add images to video.

Instantly enrich your video content with relevant images. 100% editable.

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Add images to videos fast.

Enhance your storytelling and captivate your audience by adding images to your videos. With Chopcast, you can seamlessly embed photos, illustrations, infographics, and more into your video timeline. Go from drab to dynamic in a matter of clicks, maintaining content quality all the while. Don't compromise your creativity with limitations - Chopcast provides you with the tools and freedom to make your videos visually striking.

“I've looked at several different solutions to use AI to generate shorts and derivative content from long-form videos and Chopcast has the most versatile and easy-to-use solution I've found.”

"chopcast helps us easily search our videos by topic and create social clips based on them. Saved us a lot of time to create engaging content versus trying to do everything manually."


How to add images to videos with chopcast?

1. Upload your video

Get started by uploading your video directly to chopcast.

2. Insert images

Choose your preferred images and place them in your desired timeline position.

3. Preview and export

After adding the images, review your video and then export it in your chosen format.

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Why add images to videos with chopcast?

Captivating content

Adding images to your videos contributes significantly to viewer engagement and retention. With chopcast, you can effortlessly incorporate images that support and enrich your narrative, transforming your content into an immersive visual experience. 

Drive your narrative

Every image tells a story. By adding images to your videos, you can highlight specific points, illustrate ideas, or inject some emotion into your content. Chopcast allows you to control the pacing and flow of your storyline through strategic placement of images.


Enhance professionalism

Adding high-quality images to your videos can lend a sense of professionalism and polish. This can be especially beneficial for instructional videos, product showcases, or corporate presentations. With chopcast, ensure your videos reflect the quality that your brand stands for.


Amplify your creativity

Don't let your creativity be confined to video content alone. Amplify it by harnessing the power of still imagery. With chopcast, add images to videos easily and let your creative ideas come alive, resonating with your audience in more ways than one

“When we uploaded a video to chopcast, it created auto-clips that overlapped 70-80% with ones we manually picked before, except this was done in minutes!"

"Before Chopcast, we had to take notes during our recordings of possible clips to extract. After the recording, we would sift through potential clips and crop them - entirely manual process. Chopcast took 99% of the manual labor out of extracting clips."

“I'm paying and love the tool. It has saved so much time editing shot clips from the High Tech Sales Podcast”

"I've tried a few different tools for video clips, but nothing has been as seamless as Chopcast. I use it to create short clips out of long form podcast videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok."

"Chopcast helped me to identify tips I was sharing with clients anyway and to repurpose those on social media. I've had a couple of clients connect back in with me because I have been sharing videos."

"Awesome job! [The podcast shorts] are perfect. You guys are the best!! And you can take my statements here as testimony of how happy we are with your work at chopcast"

"It’s been hugely positive for the organization to continuously have pipeline coming into the system."

"Thanks to chopcast services, we've really gotten into a good rhythm of production and have lots of great content to use for our social channels!"

"The big unlock in working with chopcast was creating shorts at scale. The following on my personal channel is up 100% YoY. Reach is way up as well for our company channels."

"We do so many webinars. Before, we were taking our webinars and slicing them ourselves, and that wasn't efficient. I would say we get a better output faster and time back working with chopcast."

“Game changer. We just upload our longer videos and turn them into social media-savvy content in just a few clicks. Subtitles and all!”

"Working with chopcast we could post-produce microcontent of the highlights from sessions we've recorded. It saved us so much time. They can self-select the best highlights to be distributed on social. They'll see opportunities in what you're creating that you don't see. It's been a great partnership. For any marketing leaders considering it, I say go and do it!"


FAQs: Adding images to videos

Can I add multiple images to my video?

Yes, with chopcast you can add as many images as you need to create visually compelling video content.

Can I determine where images appear in the video?

Chopcast gives you full control over where images are placed in the video timeline, tailoring it to your storytelling needs.

What image formats does Chopcast support?

Chopcast supports all major image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF, ensuring compatibility with your preferred style of images.

Will adding images to my video affect its quality?

No, chopcast maintains the quality of your video content even when images are added, promising a seamless and professional result.

Can I resize or reposition the images I add to my video?

Yes, chopcast allows you to resize and reposition the images you add to your video, giving you full control over how your content looks.

Can I add images to videos of any length?

Absolutely. chopcast's image adding tool accommodates videos of all lengths, making it perfect for short social media clips or lengthy professional presentations.

Can I save the videos with added images for future use?

Yes, you can save the videos with added images in your preferred format for future use or reference.

Can I share the videos with added images directly from the platform?

Yes, once your video has been processed with added images, you can export it in your preferred format, ready to be shared wherever your audience is.

Is there a limit to the number of images I can add to a video?

No, there's no limit. You are free to add as many images as you need to your videos.

How long does it take to add images to a video?

The time it takes to add images to a video can vary depending on the length of the video and the number of images. However, our system is designed to be efficient and typically processes the addition within a few minutes.



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Why use  chopcast ?

Upload your videos to chopcast's video editor. It'll watch them, and create thoughtful clips based on the key moments using AI that you can edit and share that are sure to get you noticed.




Supported use cases

Podcasts and webinars

YouTube shorts

Zoom recordings

Linkedin videos

Twitter videos



Facebook videos

Instagram Reels


What you can do?

Create short-form video

Turn webinars, podcasts, and YouTube videos into great clips using AI in minutes.

Automatic video subtitling

Get 97% accuracy subtitles for your videos and clips. Edit anything on the fly.

Video, text, audio, and more

Video's only the start. Get instant transcripts, .SRT files, audiograms, and more.

Manage your clips in one place

No more hours lost searching long videos. Create and manage clips in one place.

Customize clips

Resize, change aspect ratio to suit all social platforms.

Remove Umms

Instantly remove audio imperfections with 1 click.

Trim video by text

Remove parts of your video by deleting/editing text.

+ More AI features

Designed to grow your reach and engagement.



Ready to jump in?

Add images to videos and more with chopcast.

Chopcast helps you turn videos into shorts. We offer a free-to-use AI platform, as well as done-for-you plans.